Sunday, May 11, 2014



xoxo Lu. 


besos, Lu

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Inspire

I wanted to do this post for all of us to get inspire this new month that just started, so put all your energies in positives things, learn a lot and be always happy. 
With Love, Lu 

Este mes tuve ganas de hacer esta entrada para que todos nos inspiremos en este nuevo mes que empieza, que pongamos nuestras energías en cosas positivas, que aprendamos mucho y seamos felices siempre.
Con Amor, Lu.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Month's Faves- February

Celebration: Valentine's Day/ Día de San Valentín.

Song: Just Another Girl by The Killers.

Movie: ¨Papita, Maní, Tostón" (Venezuelan movie)

Last buy: J Crew shorts

Book: Persuasion by Jane Austen

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chelsea Market

This post might seem obvious to New York City regulars, but it will be helpful to those that are just visiting the city for the first time or have only been there a few times. A lover of markets and food, I was delighted to visit Chelsea Market. Here you will find several food spots that offer a variety of options: pressed juices, baked goods, sweets, sandwiches. There are also a couple of stores filled with fun and pretty merchandise. 
xoxo, Lu

Para regulares de New York City este post va a parecer obvio. Pero puede ser de ayuda para los que planean visitar la ciudad por primer vez, o sólo han estado allí unas pocas veces. Siendo gran amante de los mercados y de la comida, me encantó el Chelsea Market. Si lo visitas vas a encontrar varias opciones de comida: jugos, dulces, sandwiches. Además hay varias tiendas llenas de cosas divertidas y lindas. 
xoxo, Lu

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Monday, February 24, 2014

All We Need is… PEACE

Venezuela is experiencing an arduous time when violence is affecting everyone that lives in the country. On February 12, students took to the streets to protest and demand the government more security, food sources, and job opportunities. From that point on, the country has seen itself immersed in a state of crisis. This is a blog to entertain, and we do not pretend to get into politics. However, being Venezuelan, it is impossible to not be affected and hurt to see the country we grew up in and formed this beautiful friendship going through a tough time. If you do not know about what is going on in Venezuela we invite you to look it up. 

All we ask for is peace and reconciliation for our country, Venezuela. 

Venezuela está pasando por un momento difícil, donde la violencia nos afecta a todos los que vivimos en este país. El pasado 12 de Febrero comenzaron una serie de protestas, donde estudiantes salieron a las calles a pedir al gobierno seguridad, alimentos, oportunidades de empleos… De ahí se ha desatado un estado de crisis. No pretendemos ser políticas pero siendo venezolanas nos afecta y nos duele la situación del país donde vivimos y donde forjamos esta hermosa amistad. Si no sabes sobre la situación te invitamos a que investigues. 

Simplemente pedimos paz y reconciliación para nuestro país, Venezuela. 

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